Have a look at the Eid Dresses you bought

Thank you for your support for Testimony Tailors.

Here are just some of the clothes you had made by Testimony Tailors during Eid Al Fitr in June 2019, that were give to Rohingya refugees as gifts.

In total you bought 250 items of clothing, plus 5 hanging mobile decorations and 25 sewing machines for Rohingya refugees. Your support for Testimony Tailors is really having an impact, bringing some smiles, encouraging creativity and empowering Rohingya women.

Now Testimony Tailors sewing cooperative has grown to include over 70 women tailors. That’s 70 families that are benefiting from increased income. This is wonderful, thank you! However it also means they need to sell more clothes to make this a sustainable business for so many.

Please tell your friends about their initiative and visit https://testimonytailors.com/ to place your order. Thank you!!